Sunday, March 30, 2008

A little bit of Paris in Laguna ~~~

We We~~ Last night we had an awesome time celebrating my cousins Fabulous 4-0 ... She is very dear to my family and I .. We love her charming,intelligent,beautiful personality and we enjoy her everytime we see her!! Cheers to you ,Arlene !! Have a Fabulous 40th Birthday !!
We Love You !!

It's A Dogs Life!!

Everyday seems so easy for Ricky.... He gets fed....He gets bathed ,He gets walked,He has friends.....It sure is a dogs life.... so easy for Ricky .
Now, he has his own photographer !!! ruf...ruf...

Happy First Birthday Conner !

Meet Conner...It was his first birthday a few weeks ago and he came over to take a few pics.. At first Conner was not too excited but after an hour he loosened up......
Needless to say a one year old has a mind of his own ! Oh ,I remember the days !

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sunflower Seeds+Spring=SOFTBALL FEVER~~~

Woo Hoo ~~ Exciting..Love.... Softball fever! I enjoy softball much better than soccer. Softball is lets you breathe in between yelling at the umpires.It allows you to critic while the play is in motion... Not like soccer-hehehe! Loved shooting Woodcrest pitcher-"Vic".....Looking forward to a great season~

Ah So Sweet~~

Once again, meet the newest member to our family ...Baby Andrea ....2 weeeks old and already a supah model for the camera! She actually did not like me in her face with the camera...but she will have to get used to it!