Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun,Fun,Fun ~

It has been awhile that I have had so much fun with my camera than I had today !Shooting the soccer game and then this evening I took so many pictures of different objects in my house. Jen B. has inspired me through her blog..I had so much fun !!I shot manual and yes the pics were alittle blurry but I was I became very aquainted with my camera and did not use my flash! Fun,fun,fun......

Defeated by the OC ...again...

Today we (Woodcrest) had our 2nd CIF game today..What an amazing game.We were on the edge of the bleachers.Last year we lost by 1 point and this year ,well the game was tied until the last 4 minutes of the game when Ontario Christian scored 2 and the end result was OC 3 and Woodcrest 1 .....
Needless to say we were defeated once again.. Woodcrest Girlsgave it their best and we had a fun filled family day that we will always remember !

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Precious Gift

This evening I met the newest member to our family.."My Grandparents 11th great grandchild".Sounds overwhelming and it is... The excitement and joy of holding a newborn baby but also witnessing the joy that it brought the proud great grandparents.A miracle that two generations meet.The circle of life and making each moment count. Welcome Baby Gabriel Michael that is Great Grandpa's hand....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Jon & Jon -SENIORS --YEAH ~~

Meet Jonathan G.

Both are Seniors at Calvary Chapel Murietta ..It was quite funny to see their faces when I showed up with my Woodcrest Sweatshirt on...A little insight, both schools play each other in sports ..Needless to say, Woodcrest sure prepares when we play Girls Soccer..It was a fun shoot and both SENIORS were a bit nervous in the beginning and then became Supah Models after awhile !! What fun!!

Meet Jonathan B.

Meet Matthew !!

He didn't even realize what he was getting himself into....Matthew was our model for the night...Last friday I had the privilage of taking a "lighting class" taught by Crissy aka my friend! We had a great time learning but more importantly we had great fellowship!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Same Picture ...Different Day !

This weekend I am so looking forward to rockin' out with TOBYMAC!! Woo Hoo!! I don't usually get all excited about seeing groups (hehee)yeah right!!Ok..I LOVE MUSIC !!My family enjoys it and has for a long time ever since they were young....My daughter is a singer and I am a wannabe singer..My son drums about an hour a day and I let him..I know when I leave church the people in front and behind me are thinking"That lady thinks she can sing with the way she belts it out!!!
Make a joyful noise,that is what I think !! I did take this picture of TOBYMAC at SpiritWestCoast...woo hoo !!