Monday, November 19, 2007

Attitude of Gratitude

Last Saturday I had the privilage of taking pictures of the Moreno Family.We had such a great time. In addition we had the pleasure of enjoying Gods Beauty...It was amazing watching the sun shine through the trees and feeling the brisk air.. As I told Liz "I could do this every saturday morning".. It also helped that Jose ,Liz ,Amanda and Jesse were naturals in front of the camera ~ I told them that I will let you all know just in case you need some models in the future !!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tunnel of Love ~~~

Okay maybe a goofy title but at 11pm at night give me a break~haha~........Family day was great! Interesting picture that Sarah took and I must say pointed it out to me many times....Don't know if you can tell I AM IN THE PIC..which you will hardly ever see !!

Grandpa is a Gem!

Meet my grandpa... 80ish and still strong..A man of wit,energy,passion and love for his family especially his wife of 62 years(my grandma).For over 35 years I can remember a man that was a hard worker,a man that was honest,loyal and true love for God ,his family and country . Now ,I am grateful that my kids have the same experience and memories that I have in knowing my grandpa~~~


Zack and Jen will be getting married at the end of month ! WOW ~~
This shoot was filled with fun ...We had a great time !